Before I became a blogger, the extent of my travels was to a few Southern states in the U.S. (near where I grew up), and one quick trip to a super touristy area in Mexico. I also made it to Alaska once because my best friend’s grandparents lived there.

I was dying to travel more but I had been working as a full-time tax accountant for 5 years and had JUST gotten my CPA license. With two weeks of vacation a year and family to see, who has the time?

Oh, and then there’s the fact that I was living paycheck-to-paycheck as well. So, uh, yeah…this gal can’t AFFORD to travel anytime soon, even if she did have the time!


Sound familiar? I think most people are fighting similar battles in the 9-5 world.

Fast forward 3 years, and I am now a full-time blogger with a business that makes over $100,000/month. And I’ve been able to travel to places like Peru, Bali, Portugal, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

My boyfriend and business partner, Alex Nerney, and I own two blogs together:, a health and wellness blog, and, a make money online blog.

Alex was a personal trainer for years and I was formerly a pretty hardcore vegan for a couple years. We started in the health and fitness space because we were passionate about it! After reaching six figures with Avocadu, we started Create and Go, where we teach others how to chase their dreams through blogging.

It’s these two blogs that we owe everything to.

Most jobs don’t provide you with both in large quantities. You either have the time but don’t have the money, or you make enough to travel but you just don’t have the time.

Sad day.

A blogging business gives you the potential for BOTH – in ample quantities, if you do it right.

For our first international trip as full-time bloggers, Alex and I spent the month in Nicaragua and made $10,000 with our small health and wellness blog.

We worked a lot while we were there, but we also got to surf, explore volcanos, meet some really incredible people that we are still friends with today, and so much more!

Fast forward a year, and we spent an entire month in Portugal and earned $75,000 the month we were there. We explored castles, beaches, beautiful cities, wined and dined, and of course did some work here and there.

Being able to work from anywhere you want and earn passive income while you sleep opens up doors to possibilities and opportunities in life that you can only dream of.

How do Blogs Make Money?

You can make money blogging in a variety of ways, but there is an important path to follow if you want to make the big bucks. Some monetization methods are easier, some more passive, and some have the potential to make you a lot more.

Here are a few of the main ways to monetize a blog:

  1. Ads
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Selling Your Own Products

Some people also do freelancing on the side, which is a GREAT way to help supplement your blogging income.

  1. Ads are the most passive way to earn income, but they will also be your lowest income-earner on your blog. They are best utilized as a tool to supplement your income and make a few hundred dollars extra (or a few thousand if you have TONS of traffic) per month.
  2. Sponsored posts are another way that bloggers make money but they are the least passive because you get paid per post that you write. You are still technically trading your hours for dollars and writing posts does take time.
  3. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products and receive a commission for it. It can make you great money very passively and is something that all bloggers should use as part of their monetization strategy.
  4. Creating your own products is the best way to scale your income because you control your prices, profits, marketing, and every other step of the sales process. This is the final frontier of monetizing your blog and is generally the difference between making $2,000 per month or $10,000 per month as a blogger.

All of these ways to make money blogging have advantages and disadvantages, so the real power comes from diversifying and using several different strategies with your blog.

The point that most new bloggers miss here is how and when to implement these strategies into your business. This can make or break you.